Chris Lawhorn Video and Photography is a full-service production company, dedicated to creating high-end still and moving images with an innovative approach. Combining the latest technologies with passionate creativity, results in unique, stunning visuals and meaningful content, that captures the essence of individuals and companies alike.

Chris Lawhorn is an adventurer and thrill seeker. As an outdoor enthusiast, he seeks out rare and interesting experiences. In an effort to share his latest endeavors with his family and friends, Chris began to bring along his camera. Before long, his camera was considered “essential gear”, right up there with his snowboard, fishing rod, and hiking boots. Creatively capturing a specific moment in time became Chris’s ultimate goal. This passion led Chris to earn his BA in Film Production in 2009.

Chris began his professional experience freelancing and working at Connecticut Public Television, creating online media content, as well as directing and producing “In The Cut”, an outdoor sports documentary. In 2012, Chris established CLVP, which specializes in creating promotional content for businesses, events, portraits, and aerial imagery.